My first attempt at portrait photography

Afternoon tea

downtown part one

Downtown part two

Sunrise pt one

Sunrise Pt two

first sign of sunlight on a gloomy day

downtown part three
downtown part four
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Pics taken by me 

I made it.

Dearest Rosaline,

I graduated from high school this Tuesday and it was one of the weirdest days of my life. I told aunties and Uncle in Washington and uncle decided to come to my graduation but things didn't go as planned. My uncle did come to my place, flew all the way from Washington to see me only for us to find out that he couldn't stay overnight at my place because I wasn't there for 60 days yet. He got to a hotel that night of June 5th and I felt so bad but that wasn't the only problem. Turns out that his thought that my graduation is at instead of pm and so his flight departs on the 6th at 5:40 pm. As you guessed he didn't attend my graduation and I was so sad but before he left for his flight, we got to spend some time together and for that I am forever grateful. I took him to the Mall of America which he liked. He shopped for his children and I got to see some pics of them as well, especially the newborn that will turn 1 this October 27th, one day before his sister has her birthday as well. It's funny because most of the children of my family like my Auntie's children and me and my Uncle all share a birthday month and all around the 20's too. We had a good laugh about that and I took a bunch of photos of him so that he can show my family back home. He also, along with my aunts gave me some money for graduation and I could've cried because I've been worried about rent this month, and it was just such perfect timing. Now I can pay for July's month rent and have some leftover's to decorate my apartment to really make it my own because it feels so.....boring to me right now and not really like a home.